Pick Silicon Wafer Strip For QC Purposes


pick and place

Only nine quality control or quality assurance steps are being mentioned in this short introductory note. There are more. For the time being, pick and place one of these steps and broaden your knowledge still further on how silicon wafers are prepared and checked before being distributed across the country, indeed, even across the world. The first step is the receiving of the goods. Next will be a first inspection.

After the inspection is completed, technicians will begin presorting the silicon batches. Thereafter, stripping and etching work will commence on the wafers. During, not after, these processes, what is known as an ‘in process quality assurance’ test will be done. After this QC job has been completed, polishing will begin. Once the polishing of the silicon wafers has been completed, they will be put to spinning, washing and drying, just like at the laundromat.

Once all wafers are completely dry, yet another inspection will take place. And after that? One final inspection. How’s that for quality work all around? Perfect, wouldn’t you say? That’s nine steps mentioned in this short introductory note so far. But as you will recall, earlier it was mentioned that there’s more to come. Over to you to find out more. In the meantime, one more matter well worth mentioning. 

If you had been reading closely enough, you may have picked up that these wafers that have been picked and placed to the bone, checked and re-checked over and over again, are all pre-used wafers. No new wafers are being built from scratch. And that, readers, is sustainable development for you. Very good for the environment indeed. This is important in the sense of what impact the original mining for silicon has already had on the environment.